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South Florida ADL Chapel 1314

Rev. Colleen Haney offers non-denomination and Interfaith Wedding Services, Traditional and Non-Traditional Services including: Civil, Interfaith, Intercultural, Interracial, Celtic, Handfasting, Holy Unions, Vow Renewal and more.

As an ordained Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love Ministries, I specialize in creating wedding ceremonies that reflect the bride and groom's individual personalities. I have officiated intimate wedding ceremonies for 2 to larger celebrations of over 2000 people. It is always an honor and privilege to serve loving couples and their families during this exciting time of new beginnings. Couples have shared with me that is so wonderful to have a loving, calm presence holding the energy of this special day for them.

I love Nature and it is always a delight here in Florida, to officiate ceremonies in homes, back yards, public parks, at the beach and other traditional venues. I am also an early riser for those who love a sunrise wedding at the beach!

  • Weddings

  • Vow Renewals

  • Memorials

  • Child Dedications

  • Christening Ceremonies

Rev. Colleen Haney

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Rev. Colleen Haney - Alliance of Divine Love Ministries
ADL Chapel 1314

Rev. Colleen is originally from Pennsylvania. Although growing up in a Christian home, she developed deep spiritual urgings for World Religions and Universal Spirituality which led her to many studies and personal experiences. She is also a Speech Pathologist with a background in serving children and families and has worked in private practices to hospitals to governmental agencies and universities. Her extensive background with families and multiculturalism make her work in ministry flow naturally and joyfully.

For the past 16 years as an extension of her ministry, Rev. Colleen has been serving the public as an Energy Therapist in private practice, a cutting edge field combining neurology, bioenergetics and kinesiology for health and wellness. She is an expert in energy and knows the importance of holding an energetic space as a foundation for the important vows couples make.

Rev. Colleen's intention and "vow” is to make your ceremony the most precious, easy and joyful beginning to your married life!

Rev. Colleen has been performing weddings in Florida for over 16 years and is the minister of choice for many families in South Florida. Rev. Colleen also provides a full range of services from Christenings, Child Blessings, and Healing services for the sick, Anointing, Memorials and Funerals.


Wedding &
Holy Union Packages

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Wedding & Holy Union Packages

Florida Pink Heart

  • Performed under a Wedding Arch
  • Standard or Civil Ceremony
  • Unlimited email consultations and 15 minutes phone consultation

Florida Red Heart

  • Your choice of Ceremony location or on the beach**
  • Standard or Civil Ceremony
  • 30 minute phone consultation plus unlimited email consulations

Florida Silver Heart

  • Your choice of Ceremony location or on the beach**
  • Unlimited email and phone consultations
  • One keepsake copy of the Ceremony script
  • One hour in person consulation at my office or at your home*

Florida Gold Heart

  • Your choice of Ceremony location or on the beach**
  • Unlimited email and phone consultations
  • One hour in person consulation at my office or at your home
  • An individual Ceremony that meets your desires
  • Facilitation of 1 hour rehearsal
  • One keepsake copy of the Ceremony script

*Travel Fees outside local areas beyond 20 miles result in extra charges of $20, $40, etc.

**Anywhere on the beach is free. If you wish a pavilion or tent, you will need to make arrangements and pay fees.

$100 non-refundable fee as a deposit to confirm date and time. Balance due by the day of the ceremony.

For more information contact Rev. Colleen Haney at 561-212-6862

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Weddings by Design

Our human experience is what happens between birth and death. It is the journey of our soul. The more we give value and worth to the true nature of our Divine Self the better able we are to live with purpose. As more and more of us join together on this journey of our soul, the human experience becomes one that Loves All & Serves All.

Healing Touch for Brides

Besides looking beautiful on the outside, treat yourself to a Healing Touch Session to deeply relax your inner self and renew your energy before and after the wedding with hands on energy based techniques.

Benefits of Healing Touch:

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Premenstrual relief
  • Immune System booster
  • Headache relief
  • Spiritual Enhancement
  • Increased energy
  • Eliminates fatique
  • Supports well being
  • Calms mental chatter and worry
  • Many other health benefis for those with health issues


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